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Who we are

TIM S.A. is central Europe's biggest, worldwide grape wine importer. We are able to offer 750 different kinds of wine as well as an extensive range of beer, milk and dairy products. Thanks to our cooperation with leading global operators - Mangata Holding and Schloss Wachenheim AG - we have been able to supply private labels as well. We take full advantage of the latest production technology achievements and top quality raw materials while our range is perfectly tailored to match every customer's needs and demands.

30 years of experience

Long-standing work has earned us a well-established position and stability within the European market.

Global reach

We are exporting our products to China, South Korea, Australia, USA, Macau as well as numerous European countries.

Extensive range

We sell 12 million wine bottles a year while our 2 million unit warehouse comes second in Europe in terms of supply size.

Everything in one place

Our range consists of 750 wines from all over the world as well as dozens of different beers and 5 own labels of milk - all ordered goods will be delivered as one shipment.

Our philosophy

TIM S.A. was started 30 years ago as a common venture of only a few wine lovers. Since the very beginning, we have always prioritized the top quality of all our imported goods and continuously extended our network of customers. This strategy has made it possible for TIM S.A. to become the wine sales leader in central and eastern Europe. Our success has provided us with a foothold for furthering our activities to new continents. Since 2012 we have been actively running our operations in China, South Korea, USA and Australia. Our philosophy has always rested on the belief that traditional tastes and local customs can be employed as tour guides when exploring local cultures while maintaining optimal value for money has become the key to accessing even wider group of customers worldwide.


TiM S.A.
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43-382 Bielsko Biała, Poland
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