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TIM S.A. was started by a small circle of friends united by their passion for wine and wine culture. Ever since, we have been sharing our knowledge with a constantly growing number of people and introducing the best European and new word wines to the local market. Due to the apt choice of our products and widespread development of positive relationships - both in suppliers and customers - TIM S.A. has become one of the major wine importers in central and eastern europe. The time of 30 years of continuous commitment has made us one of the longest-existing wine companies in poland.




26 000 000 EUR




>5000 m2


TIM S.A.- China operations

Thanks to its well-established position within the home region TIM S.A. has successfully entered the Chinese market. Working together with Schloss Wachenheim AG group - one of the biggest wine makers in the world - has enabled us to produce and sell OEM wines as well as our own beer labels and dairy products.

After 7 years of china operations we are now proud to be able to sell our products in 15 provinces, whereas a part of our business gets destined for a country-wide distribution. We have been supplying 25 supermarket chains as well as a number of retailers and HoReCa operators. Our range has been regularly reviewed and extended to include the products that even better reflect the characteristics of the Chinese market. We have been supplying our goods by air, sea and land while our practical knowledge of Chinese commercial law and regulations has made it possible for our operations to be carried out on time and smoothly.

TiM S.A. in China - year by year

  • 2012 - TiM SA ventured into sales development in the China market
  • May 2012 WCI LTD was opened, solely to trade with China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • 2013 was the year of changes within the sales market in China. New regulations allowed TiM SA to take advantage of its position in the international structure of companies both in Poland and Germany which resulted in tight cooperation with leading food producers in Europe. We have been able to create the portfolio of top quality own brands destined at Chinese market - managed by the experienced staff in partnership with the best players on the market.
  • Now we sell in China for about 5 years to supermarkets and import wholesalers.


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